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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aquaman (Vol.6) #20 - May 1996

"Thy Brother's Keeper" by Peter David, Martin Egeland, Alan Caldwell, and Howard Shum.

Tadpole no more!

Aquaman and Ocean Master are startled to see the former's former sidekick, Garth (aka Aqualad) bursting through the mountainside:
Seeing Orm so distressed makes the citizens of this lost city doubt his divinity, but Orm tries to bully them into silence.

Orm blasts the ship with his scepter, causing it to crash. Via a trap door, he then escapes.
Aquaman then turns to Garth, wondering how he suddenly looks three or four years older than he did when they last met. Aqualad mentions casually that time flows differently here, and, "By the way--your Dad says hi."

Meanwhile, we see the god Atlan materialize into "our" dimension, where he is met by Koryak and Kordax, ready to resume their eras-old fight.

Back in the Himalayas, Ocean Master has to reaffirm his god-ness to the Doubting Thomases of the lost city, while Aquaman, Dolphin, and Aqualad try and follow the trail:

After winding their way through a subterranean maze, they meet back up with Ocean Master, and of course another fight commences. Aquaman pastes Orm one so badly he knocks his facemask off, and is shocked at what he sees:
Aquaman tries to talk sense into Orm, reminding them that they are brothers. Orm seems to have no memory of this, and at first angrily rejects the whole idea. But, eventually:
Aquaman tries to explain the two brothers are locked in a battle that has been passed down through the eons, and for a moment Orm relents and takes his brother's hand.

Just at that moment, Admiral Strom--who has broken free from Aqualad's snowy prison--blasts Aquaman with some sort of high-powered weapon. Orm is enraged--not that his brother has seemingly been killed, but that he wasn't the one to do it!

Orm's power grows out of control, and:
...to be continued!


Joe Slab said...

Seeing Garth's pre-Tempest debut brings back some fun memories...

Tempest127 said...

There it is: the BEST FRAGGIN' AQUA-COVER EVER, featuring the best superhero ever, created by one of the best comic book artists ever!!!! It's breathtaking! It's fabulous! It's TEMPEST, The Prince Of The Seas!

Now I think I'll go reread this one and have a good cry. (He sure was gorgeous in black)...

David J. Cutler said...

Haha the cover doesn't do much for me, 127--is it a Jimmenez?--but to each his or her own :) It'd be cooler if he was in full costume, but I guess he didn't have it yet. I just remember when I first read this feeling like he'd aged a LOT in just a few issues.