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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aquaman (Vol.6) #19 - April 1996

"Brother's Keeper" by Peter David, Martin Egeland, and Howard Shum.

Niiiice cover by Dave Johnson!

Inside, this issue starts with Aquaman and Dolphin on their way back from their trip to Hy-Brasil:
On the way back, they scare the crap out of some dolphin hunters by strafing their boat with their craft, having it fly out of the water and over their heads by only a few feet.

Its during this moment that the uneasy silence between the two of them is broken. Dolphin apologizes for "accidentally" killing one of citizens of the city when he tried too hard to see into her mind. Aquaman is still angry, but Dolphin tries to soften him when she reiterates how much she loves him.

They land in the Himalayas, the site of another "lost city" of Atlantis. Aquaman grabs Dolphin and, using his hook-hand, stabs a cliff face and begins to rise upwards. Dolphin cheekily mentions that if he really wanted to get rid of her, Aquaman could drop her right now. Has he thought of that, she asks:

On their way up, Aquaman's line suddenly goes slack, and we see the culprit:
Using his scepter, Orm sends an electrical charge down the line, zapping Aquaman so badly he drops Dolphin--luckily she grabs a ledge, hanging on for dear life.

Aquaman whips his way up, kicking his brother in the chin. Their rumble causes a small avalanche, which in turn causes Dolphin to lose her grip. Aquaman makes like Indiana Jones and swings down, grabbing her.

Meanwhile, the Admiral helping Orm in this mission is knocked out by an unseen person. When he pulls a gun on this person, a tendril of snow whips up, covering him, leaving the Admiral in a frozen block.

Aquaman gets Dolphin to safety, where they are met by some of the lost city's residents. They take them both into the mountain (via a holographic wall), but before they can talk more they are all zapped again by Orm.

Later, Aquaman wakes up:
Orm has his brother and Dolphin in an old-fashioned death trap, one that will slowly rip Aquaman in half and crush Dolphin in the process. Just as he's lording it over Aquaman, Orm and the rest are startled by a loud crash, caused by Aquaman's cruise ship blasting its way inside the mountain:
...to be continued!


IADW said...

I like these flashbacks for issues like this. Due to accidents I missed this one at the comic store and have yet found it by back issue.

While it isn't a major it's still nice to know what went down. Thanks Rob!

Tempest127 said...

I remember screaming with glee at that final page; it was such a joy to see Garth again after his appearance in Showcase '96. I detested a lot of what happened to him in this series (at least until the Jurgens run), but at least he had some place to appear on a regular basis until The Titans series came along.

Onward to the best Aquaman cover EVER!!!