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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wizard #185 - 2007

Ever since joining F.O.A.M., member Hart Rieckhof has been a fountain of material for the Shrine, finding all kinds of stuff that I didn't know existed.

Case in point, this fun Wizard article about the Super Friends and its modern parallel, Justice:

You can click the image to see a bigger, readable shot of the whole two pages, but here's a close-up of the Aquaman profile:

With Alex Ross being such a huge fan of Aquaman, I hope that maybe if/when the Sea King gets a solo feature again, DC taps Ross to do a cover once in a while.

Neat article, thanks Hart!


Wings1295 said...

Would love Ross to do some Aqua-covers, even if it is maybe just the first issue kick-off.

Aaron said...

Heh, I loved that solution in Challenge of the Super Friends - I mean of course Justice League communicators are made to last!

IADW said...

A Ross Aquaman cover range would be awesome, especially since he was jipped outta his own oversized special eg War on Crime!