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Friday, October 15, 2010

Super Powers All-Terrain Trapper - 1985

Behold...the Hamsterball of Justice!

This is a panel from the package of an unproduced Super Powers vehicle called the All-Terrain Trapper, where heroes could trap villains in the little plastic bubble and humiliatingly bring them to justice.

This is from the collection of Super Powers collector ne plus ultra (and F.O.A.Mer) Chip Cataldo, who was nice enough to send this as a little "preview" of an upcoming article he's written about the ATT for Action Figure Insider, which will show up here on Sunday.

Great to see its Aquaman dispensing the justice, especially on a badass like Steppenwolf. Battle of the tridents!


Brent said...

They should have called it the Aqua-Zorb!

(google "zorb")

matthew jones said...

I love Super Powers and that would have made for a great vehicle, particularly with Aquaman on the box. He looks so happy in it too.

Russell said...

This looks oddly similar to a Micronauts vehicle that I *DID* have from a few years before this would have been produced...