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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Breaking News - Aquaman's Sister?

sg I'm not sure what to make of this headline, but here it is: Aquaman's Sister to Return, So Says Geoff Johns.

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Chuck Coletta)


Wings1295 said...

Huh... if she is coming back, could we also see the return of Tempest maybe, sometime?

Joe Slab said...

That's a misquote.

"Later on in the panel, another fan asked if other members of Aquaman's family would be showing up in the future referencing both Atlan and Deep Blue? Johns replied "Yes" but it was clear that he was speaking in generalities and not about these two specifically."


rob! said...

Joe--I thought something might be up. How many long-lost sisters can Johns bring back in one series?!?

Tempest127 said...

"Generalities," maybe, but there really aren't that many members of the Aquaman family, which leaves the following possibilities:

Atlan and Deep Blue (IF that part of the continuity still exists--and if it doesn't, why not just say so)?

Arthur Jr and Koryak (...both of whom are officially dead, so if the claim is still that "dead is dead," neither had better turn up before Tempest)

Queen Atlanna (After what Erik Larsen did to her, would anyone want to see her again)?

That's about it for Arthur's family, so which of these could Johns possibly mean? Tempest *might* be considered "family" in a broad sense, since he and Arthur are both scions of royal houses of Atlantean origin, but Johns has claimed in the past that he would feature him when he had no real intention to do so. (Not holding my breath).