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Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures with the DC Super Heroes - 2000

This is the cover to Adventures with the DC Super Heroes, a one-shot promotional comic that you got for free if you bought two gallons of milk, part of the whole "Milk Mustache" campaign that is still going on today.

While Aquaman isn't mentioned on the cover, he does appear on the insides, at one point even almost getting his own solo moment:
My way of ending this story would be Aquaman saying "Wait, why do I need help from Superman on this? Kal, take off, I'll see you at the next JLA meeting!" He then rescues the kids, fights the monster that smashed their boat, then goes home to his hot redhead wife. But that's just me.

Aquaman also appears in the jumble page:
...he's always so easy to find in these things because of the "Q".

I had never heard or seen this magazine until it was sent to me by our newest F.O.A.M. member Hart Rieckhof. Hart's been trying for a long time to get into F.O.A.M., but I would end up posting the thing he submitted, like, a day before he sent it. This happened several times.

But Hart kept trying, and when he sent me this I told he was now a member of our august group. I really appreciate his interest and determination, that's what makes F.O.A.M.ers special. Thanks Hart, and welcome!


David J. Cutler said...


And weird to see Big Barda, Steel, Huntress and especially ZAURIEL in that word find, but that was the nature of the Grant Morrison team of the era, I guess.

Jon K said...

I definitely remember seeing this one, and having it! Back in 2002, when I'd just moved back to Washington from Wisconsin, I came across a stack of these at Rite-Aid, where they were just flat-out selling them. I negotiated a lower price to buy them all out, and gave away every copy at the haunted house I was involved with that year.

Good times.

Earth 2 Chris said...

My mother-in-law works at our local Rite-Aid, and she brought me the entire bulk of what her store had left over, plus the cardboard Superman milk-mustache display. Slowyl over time, my wife and I have given these out to kids at the local schools and library, where my wife works.