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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Atlantis Chronicles #6 - Aug. 1990

Comics Weekend "The Atlantis Chronicles" by Peter David and Esteban Maroto.

In a change of pace for this series, this issue opens up on land, with a great priest telling a younger man the story of when their people were attacked by whom they called "The North Sea Peoples", who came from a "hidden place", known as...Atlantis:
With Atlan's evidence (the dead bird he brought back with him), the peoples of Atlantis now know that all life on Earth was not obliterated in the great cataclysm--so the question is, what next?

Atlan's father, Honsu, suggests attacking the surface world before they can attack Atlantis. Other members of Atlantis' ruling council thinks this is madness, but Honsu, reminding them all he is descended from Orin, insists this is the thing to do:
A splinter group, called The Idylists, refuse to participate, so they pack up and leave Poseidonis, choosing to live in a small valley far away from the dome. Haumond, brother of Atlan, agrees with the Idylists, but feels compelled to stay near his family, despite the consequences.

We see that Honsu is partly being goaded into war by his queen, Lorelei, who talks of great glory for her husband. And if he is killed, so be it...since that would allow her favorite son, Kraken, to rule Atlantis.

Atlan is the point man for the invading army, and after showing his fellow Atlanteans how to avoid the bends, he makes it onto the shore:
War comes to the surface world, and the Atlanteans generally make quick work of their adversaries...until they set their sights on Egypt. The battle seems to go in the Atlanteans' favor at first, until they go further in-land, and the searing heat weakens them so severely that when Egypt really fights back, they are decimated.

Honsu's son Haumond is captured, and he is brought before the shrine of the Egyptian god No-Amun, who comes to life when Haumond begs for water:
No-Amun provides Haumond with all the water he wants, and tells Haumond a secret: that he, a god of Egypt, is a descendant of Atlantis! His ancestors, decades ago, went looking for the meteor that caused the great destruction. Their ships were thrown out of control, and they landed, lost, onto shore. These Atlanteans were thought of as gods by the indigenous people, and the Atlanteans quickly became the rulers of the land, resulting in the seemingly magical monuments Egypt became famous for:
...to be continued!


Wings1295 said...

Amazing, the scope this series encompassed. The way it seemed to "fit" into real history. Good stuff.

bribabylk said...

I'm really enjoying this! I purchased some but not all of this series when originally published, so this is a great way for me to catch up on what I missed. Thanks for posting this.