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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sword of Atlantis Wallpaper

This Sword of Atlantis/Year One wallpaper has been sitting in my "to post" file for quite literally a few years, and every time I would see it, I'd say "Ah, that's too old to post" as if its somehow going to get less out of date with the passage of time. So, here it is.

This was on DC Comics.com's download page for years, long after Sword of Atlantis had come and gone; maybe because its a really spiffy looking piece--I'm not sure who drew it, its obviously not either Butch Guice or Shawn McManus, the only two regular artists on SOA.

That said, I have to question the very skimpily-dressed Mera wrapping herself around Arthur Joseph like that--jeez, once you become a squid-faced Dweller of the Depths, Mera drops you like a bad habit!


Diabolu Frank said...

Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino. It was a detail from the variant cover to Aquaman:SoA #42

Joe Slab said...

Even though I HATED SoA, I loved that cover!

Aquamariner said...

When this wallpaper was released, I remember thinking it was going to be a new and unforgetable age for Aquaman. Little did I imagine that they'd actually replace Orin with a much less important figure that would later on lead to this books cancellation.

*Sigh* It's a Beautiful piece of art from a less than happy time for the King of the Seas

IADW said...

This is nice. There are too few decent Aquaman wallpapers out there!