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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Random Shark Panel

--Some sharks can't reproduce until the age of 20 or above.

--There are 355 confirmed species of Shark ranging in length from 15cm to 15 meters.

--A fossil of a "cladoelache" is determined to be the oldest known ancestor of the Sharks. It is 350 million years old.

--The Megalodon shark is a prehistoric creature that lived millions of years ago. It is thought to have existed from 1.6 million back to 5 million years ago but some experts trace it back even further.*
(fossilized Megalodon tooth)

(Shark Facts courtesy F.O.A.M.er Andy Luckett and SharkInformation.org, except * and picture courtesy Wyrdology.com.
Panel: JLA: Liberty & Justice by Paul Dini and Alex Ross)


Andy Luckett said...

That panel is one of my favorite (possibly my favorite) Aquaman images of all time. It makes no sense to me that DC Direct never released it as a poster.

rob! said...

Andy--I agree, its one of my all-time favorite Aquaman moments, brilliantly executed by Ross. How could any comic fan look at that and not find Aquaman impressive?

Aaron said...

Um, Rob!... I'm pretty sure those are all whales.

rob! said...

Aaron--Isn't that a shark on the lower right? I always took it to be--it seemed like Ross worked in all kinds of sea life for this shot.

Even if it isn't, I just love running this page anyway. :)

Aaron said...

rob!: Sorry, didn't mean to bust your hump over it or anything. I know the Sea-King can summon any of his flippery friends at will but, given that he's attacking a whaling ship, and that the rest of this crowd scene are cetaceans, I suspect that's either a pair of dolphins or porpoises.

Either way, I dig this piece- and I'm not even a big fan of Alex Ross' Aquaman.

rob! said...


You're probably right. I'll pretend there's a shark just under the surface. :)