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Sunday, August 08, 2010

DCU: Legacies #3 - Sept. 2010

Comics Weekend "Powers & Abilities!" by Len Wein, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, and Dave Gibbons.

I've been picking up DCU: Legacies since the beginning. And while I've been enjoying it on its own merits, I also knew it was a matter of time before Aquaman showed up, and this issue's cover (by Dave Gibbons) was a sight for sore eyes!

This issue follows the story of the main characters, with the superheroes in the background playing more of a secondary role. But near the end, each of the original JLAers get a page of action to themselves, and that of course includes Aquaman:
Eventually, all seven heroes meet up to fight the Apellax aliens (feels good, just typing that), and we get a retelling of the classic JLA origin as drawn by the incomparable Jose Luis Garcia Lopez--inked by Dave Gibbons no less!:
Considering how much time elapses in each issue of DCU: Legacies, this may be Aquaman's biggest moment of the whole series.

But I'm totally okay with that, because we got to see Aquaman drawn by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez--totally, completely awesome--and we got to see the classic JLA in action again.

Which leads me to wonder: has DC changed their "official" history back to the way it was? Post-Crisis, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were retconned out of the original JLA (a move I never really accepted--sorry, DC), but now here they are again, with no Black Canary to be found.

Don't get me wrong--I'm not complaining; I love having the original seven back together again, kicking Apellax alien butt--but it does seem to fly in the face of everything DC's been trying to build for the last quarter century.


Aquamariner said...

It's great that Aquaman is getting so much face-time lately. DC really seems intent on showcasing ALL their characters now.

I've been reading DC for over a decade, and I'm a little confused about what's been retconned out and what hasn't.

Take Aquaman in brightest day!

They're totally ignoring about 20 years (more or less, not sure) of Aquaman's history by returning his origin to the half-human/half-atlantean story. I grew up with the "blond hair curse" origin, so (as much as I hated it) that's the Aquaman I knew.

Now it makes me feel weird about the "new" Aquaman. Like I don't even know the guy (even though I've already read all his Adventure/Action comics back-ups!)

Siskoid said...

Yeah, where's that Who's Who we were promised?

Randy said...

Wonder Woman was restored as an original JLAer after Infinite Crisis.

Joe Slab said...

A great book and Aqualad will be in this months issue featuring the Teen Titans, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Aquaman and Mera in September's issue which focuses on the Crisis and its aftermath.

rob! - the original JLA origin has been restored and I guess that whole 12 issue JLA: Year One is just a slice of the Leagues early years.

Wings1295 said...

Awesome stuff, even if it is 'rushed time'. And I am with you, these sever ARE the original JLA, no question.

Joe Slab said...

btw- Did any FOAMers actually get that Starro and the JLA model from SDCC?!? If you did, I am soooo jealous.

rob! said...

I'm glad to hear the original JLA origin has been restored. As good as some of the retconned stories were, it never sat well with me.

Siskoid--Yeah, I was really looking forward to the new Who's Who, I wonder what happened to it?

Aquamariner--It does seem as though Johns and Tomasi are sweeping away a lot of the stuff from the Peter David era. Fine with me, since I never felt Aquaman's origin needed to be changed. But if that was the first Aquaman stories you read, I can see how it would be jarring to see all of that dismissed.

Russell said...

It's funny that people are saying that the original Big Seven JLA origin has been retconned back, Rob, because *there* is Black Canary in the JLA Year One group shot in the Jimenez poster from WW#600 you also posted today!


So which is right? :-)

rob! said...

Totally confused!

macsnafu said...

They're probably just trying to see how much of an audience there is for the "classic" silver age characters and style. Sort of like what they've done occasionally with the JSA.
But JL-GL can make any character dynamic-looking. Even stodgey, old Superman.