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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Random Panel of The Day Contest

As promised, the Shrine is kicking off its first Random Panel of the Day Contest!

Entering is easy: all you have to do is name the specific comic (title and issue number) that each of the 25 Random Panels came from (you can see all of them by clicking the Random Panel label below). Email me your list by September 1, 2010.

Whoever has the most correct answers will win this sweet Aquaman Prize Pack:
--MOC Aquaman Brave and the Bold action figure
--MOC Aquaman/Ocean Master Minimates Set
--MOC Aquaman JLU Die-Cast Figure
--Super Friends Loot Bag
--Vs. Card Game Tin
--DC Superheroes Sticker Book
--Super Friends Fold & Mail Stationary Pad
--Aquaman Postcard by Alex Ross
--DC Super Friends "Heroes United" chapter book
--DC Legacy trading card
--1994 DC Stars trading card
--Mego Museum trading card

If multiple entries have the same number of correct answers, I will randomly pick the prize-winning entry (or, who knows, maybe I'll come up with other prizes)!

Good luck!

Special Thanks to Shag Matthews of FirestormFan, who provided the MOC Brave and the Bold Aquaman action figure included above!)


David J. Cutler said...

WOW, Rob, that is one heck of a prize!! I'd really love to enter but unfortunately I only recognized where two or three of them came from specifically, and that ain't gonna be enough to do it. Really envious of who takes this one though, there's a lot of stuff in there I've had my eye on.

IADW said...

Awesome idea Rob, and I'm going to be pretty envious of who takes the loot! I had a look back at them all but I struggle to get the homes of even half of them!

Look forward to seeing the competition results.

Wings1295 said...


rob! said...

I hope I didn't make the contest too hard!

I will give this hint: Most (something like 19 or 20) of the panels come from comics I have profiled here on the Shrine.

Joe Slab said...

Good luck everyone, I'm conceding this one!

r duncan said...

What? No silly bands?

(Cool contest idea!)