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Monday, August 02, 2010

Justice League Sillybandz

Behold--Justice League Sillybandz!

Seeing no reason to miss the chance to cash in on a craze, some erstwhile manufacturer created Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern-shaped sillybandz and slapped a Justice League logo on it. I have to say, the Aquaman shape on display doesn't read too much like the Sea King to me, but of the five heroes pictured, I have to admit Aquaman is the least iconic, in terms of how he would look in silhouette.

These pics were sent to me by Tory and Hannah Schafer, part of the massive Aqua-loving Schafer Family. They were at a store called Learning Express and heard their little brother Skye yell out, "
Justice League Aquaman Sillybanz!" Shortly, these pics were in my in-box.

Very cool, thanks Schafer Family!

Behind the Scenes Dept.: I had another post scheduled for today, but over the weekend my inbox got flooded with messages from F.O.A.M.ers telling me about the JLA Sillybandz they just saw--it was as if every major news organization did a frontpage story on the new JLA Sillybandz and they were distributed across the country instantaneously. So I thought I should move this post--scheduled for next week--up a week before my inbox filled up with large-res Sillybandz pics!


David J. Cutler said...

Man, who is that artist on these new package clip art Aquaman pics!? Get him or her on an Aquaman book, ASAP, DC!

Diabolu Frank said...

A bit pointy, but I can see Aquaman diving head first there.

JasonMotesBowles said...

Man, those kick my Tinkerbell Sillybandz' asses. Sadly... not kidding!

Russell said...

JUST saw a huge display of these things at my Kroger on the way to work...but didn't see the JLA. Maybe they haven't gotten out of the East Coast yet? I'll check out Target on my way home.

Wings1295 said...

Cool! At least he made the package, right? My son bought three packs over the weekend, but none were the Justice League packs. Oh well!

John said...

Has anyone found these at Target? If so, what section? I'm in the mid-West (MN); we don't have 'Kroger'. I was looking in 'Party Favors', but no luck. .

Aquaman would boycott Target said...

There is a Target boycott for funding anti-gay politicians. Maybe you can find it somewhere else?


John said...

Um, although I would be on the side of said boycott, I'd rather not hijack Rob's thread for a politcal discourse. Has anyone actually found the Bandz somewhere?

rob! said...


While I am sympathetic to people's efforts re: Target, I would appreciate it if you would not sort of just pop in here and tell other people where to shop.

While I am going to limit my Target purchases to only essentials for the forseeable future, everyone needs to make their own decision. If there's a link to a page explaining the whole ugly situation, please leave a comment with it so people who want to learn more about can do so.

LissBirds said...

GASP. I need to have these now. Please tell me they'll be coming out with a second series with the Martian Manhunter in it?!

Wow, that above paragraph makes me sound like a twelve-year-old. But still! JLA Sillybandz!!!