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Monday, August 02, 2010

Random Shark Panel

It's Shark Week!

Every year, I bemoan the fact that I haven't adequately prepared The Aquaman Shrine for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, since the two obviously have so much in common.

And while I still was a bit tardy again this year, I did prepare enough to ask a couple of knowledgeable F.O.A.M.ers to provide me with shark-related facts and graphics, which the Shrine will be dispensing all this week.

In addition, since the Shrine's "Random Panel" feature is on temporary vacation (while the contest is going), I thought I'd try an off-shoot of that, and have Random Shark Panels along with the shark facts. So look for them this week, too!

(Panel: JLA: Secret Origins, by Paul Dini and Alex Ross)


Venus on the half shell said...

Happy Shark Week!!!!

Russell said...

Sure hope we see the Hooper-McLaughlin "Food" bit from their 1991 series. I think all current shark personalities derive from this issue, it's THAT iconic. :-)