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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DC Superheroes T-Shirt

This t-shirt featuring some of the big stars of the DCU was on sale via the website of the department store Bloomingdale's.

I can't quite spot the art style, but it looks a lot like Jerry Ordway to me. I generally like the "distressed" look for tees like this, though I think they overdid a bit here. Also, I don't know whether this is simply lifted from a DC comic or is an original piece--the addition of Plastic Man makes me think its the latter.

This was sent to me a potential F.O.A.M. member a long time ago, before I got a lot better at posting submissions in a timely manner. I can't find the original email, so if whoever sent me this shirt is reading this, please contact me again for proper credit!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Ordway has been doing a lot of style guide/licensing art lately. His stuff seems to steer toward the "classic" labeled stuff. My son has a pair of Superman swim trunks festooned with Ordway goodness, and peppered with Golden Age Superman covers!


Russell said...

I've never seen this one before! However, Aquaman seemed to get off pretty well with this "distressed" look. Unlike The Flash, who seems to have lost part of his leg!

Wings1295 said...

I like it, but yeah - TOO distressed when Flash is missing a whole chunk of his leg!

rob! said...

Joe--Yeah, I think they went overboard with the whole "distressed" thing.

Aquamariner said...

Love the shirt! Does the cute model come with? =P

Aaron said...

It's a Crisis on Earth-Distressed!