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Monday, August 16, 2010

DC Super Friends Maquette - 2003

As stated in the previous post, I had plans to sort of "take the day off" from the Shrine, but destiny (and a large group of F.O.A.M.ers) had other plans.

A few days ago, I found this package sitting on my doorstep. I was intrigued by the return address:
...F.O.A.M. HQ? I thought my house was F.O.A.M. HQ!

Anyway, I opened it up, and inside was the Aquaman maquette from the Super Friends line by DC Direct! Great Neptune!

This was one of those Aqua-Items I of course always wanted, but dropping $90(MSRP) on any Aquaman doodad was just not in the cards (at the time of its release, 2003, or now) so I let it pass me by. But, thanks to the generosity of Russell and his fellow F.O.A.M.ers, it was now mine mine mine all mine!

Once I composed myself, I took this baby down to my favorite photographic spot, the lake by our house, and snapped a couple of pics on a crystal clear summer day:
...measuring 9" tall and bearing the classic Alex Toth character design, this is one beautiful piece.

I am of course humbled that so many of you would put in the time and money to get me something for my birthday, since its all of you that makes the Shrine what it is. That said, this baby is
mine mine mine all mine!

Update: Between writing this and posting it, Russell informed me that he did not send me this; rather, its the work of some F.O.A.M.er who asked to be anonymous. C'mon, anon, fess up and take a bow!


Randy said...

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Bribaby said...

Yeah, happy happy birthday! Hope it's a ... wet one, or somesuch.

Russell said...

Happy Birthday, Rob! Just wait until your *real* birthday, August 18th!!! ;-)

And as I told Rob in an email, although I did know OF this statue, I did not purchase it or send it to him.

I am glad that you like it, though. :-)

Rick L. Phillips said...

Happy Birthday Rob. Stay cool in this summer heat.

Joe Slab said...

Happy Birthday robster! Must be a lot of Leo's who like Aquaman...My day is tomorrow August 17th.

Shawn said...

Oh - since it was sent anonymous, I could confess it was ME!

*However that would be something Black Manta (or The Human Flying Fish) would do - because I'd be lying!
*My birthday was just on the 13th so I'm another Leo who loves Aquaman.

Wings1295 said...

Very nice! You are one lucky dude, but it is well deserved with all the Shrine goodness you give all of us. Kudos to the one who sent it to you!

Orin's dad said...

Happy Birthday Rob! It's a well-deserved gift. Enjoy!

Aaron said...

T'ing a' byooty, dat is!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Happy B-Day Rob. Wish I had thought of it!


IADW said...

That is an awesome figure, Rob - Again Happy Birthday!

Saranga said...

wow, what a great gift. and a belated happy birthday to you!