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Friday, August 06, 2010

DC Originals Book Cover

Now here's a weird item which apparently started hitting shelves a few weeks ago--a DC Originals book cover, featuring the cover to Justice League of America #217 on the front!

A bunch of F.O.A.M.ers sent me emails about it, but Christopher Chance was the first one to send an image (thanks to Chris and to everyone else who clued me in). I was going to wait until I bought one of these for myself to do a post on it, but the only store in my area that carries this stuff is Target, and I'm a little peeved at them right now...

Anyway, apparently the back cover is of Justice League of America #137, an odd choice (and since Aquaman isn't on that one, we can of course completely dismiss it). The front cover, by George Perez, is a great image to use, though I bet non-comics fans see this and think "Where's Batman?"


Russell said...

Yeah, this is weird. No Flash, No GL, No Batman. Of course, No Hawkwoman, either. "And why is Plastic Man dressed in a different costume?" :-)

Siskoid said...

Well those are the characters that tend to be on the roll call at that point, but not, strangely enough, the characters featured in the issue (BC, GA and Atom aren't in it).

I know it well because it was my first issue of JLA and I believe I posted something Aquaman-related about it in a Friday Night Fight

Ah, here's the LINK.

Russell said...

Was at K-Mart today and they have Garcia-Lopez JLA notebook and folder featuring Superman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern (Hal), and Aquaman.

There were also Joe Boxer sleep pants of Perez' B&B Batman and Green Lantern, as well as Ed Benes' JLA WITHOUT Aquaman. I saw quite a few things with just the big four (backpacks, t-shirts, etc). Maybe DC is hoping for a big GL rush from next year's movie?

Anonymous said...

Russel- that's elongted man not plastic man

rob! said...


Russell was making a joke, predicated on the belief that most people seeing this in Target would not recognize EM, but have some vague knowledge of a hero with stretching powers. Heck, some of them might think its Mr. Fantastic!!