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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Brightest Day #7 - Oct. 2010

Comics Weekend "The Secret of Life" by Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Pat Gleason, and more.

This issue of Brightest Day deals almost entirely with every other character except for Aquaman and Mera (nice to see Miss Martian isn't dead, though!). But there is a brief sequence with them near the end of the book:
Of course, I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, with the whole Aquaman-as-White Lantern thing, but I'm sure it will be explained in time.

I am happy to see Johns and Tomasi are not wasting everyone's time (and precious space in this series) with a detour featuring Aquaman mad at Mera for her deception--he's loyal to Mera, period. That's my hero.

To be continued!

This issue, like all the Brightest Days, was printed with an alternate, Aquaman-centric cover, which several Aqua-Fans were nice enough to send me:
I sense an action figure repaint!


Dennis Doucette said...

In love everything about this series. If Aquaman's in it, Im reading it.

Joe Slab said...

Me too!

I am finally adjusting to the slower pace of a bi-weekly book as well and am glad Johns is taking time to show character moments like the one here between Arthur and Mera.

I feel like there is so much ahead for Aquaman in this series with the debut of Aqualad, the return of Black Manta, and more of Mera and her sister's origin...

Oh, its also interesting to me that Ivan Reis draws both the Black and White Lantern versions of Aquaman with the traditional open collar, but the real Aquaman has the modified look. Many artists wouldn't be able to keep that straight.

Joe Huber said...

I actually splurged and bought the variant cover this week.

I'm loving this series as well, and the slower pace suits it well. I like to be left hanging in suspense.

Aaron said...

I'm only reading a few peripheral BD things, so I'm glad blogs like yours keep me in the loop!

Josh Hill said...

got the variant cover, too! trying to get any of them which feature our boy.

and I agree, Rob, I am glad Johns and Tomasi aren't wasting time with having Arthur mad at Mera. you are right, this was flawless characterization on their part.

rob! said...

Aaron--Glad to be of service!

As to Aquaman and Mera, yeah, I really would have been bored if they had wasted time having Aquaman be mad at Mera. So I'm glad they ditched all that.

Wings1295 said...

I absolutely LOVE that Aquaman isn't mad with Mera. It shows how much they have been through together. True love, true partners.

Interesting to see where all this goes. Maybe a resurrection for Garth, too?