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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cover to Cover: DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #11

This collection of JLA stories--Justice League of America #'s 100-102 (plus #17) have already been covered on my JLA Satellite blog, but when you've got a cover full of heroes Aquaman has to be on there somewhere, right? Right?

Hmm, he's not on the front cover, let's check the back:
...whew, there he is!

Yet another crammed-to-the-edges (and beyond) cover by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano!


Aaron said...

Nice to see Shining Knight and Adam Strange, as well!

Joe Huber said...

I really miss these digests.

Russell said...

Was Adam Strange really IN either of those stories???

IADW said...

These digests look awesome... Maybe in the face of higher comic prices they can come back!

rob! said...


Yes, AS is in both stories.

I miss the digests, too! I recently dug them out of storage and its been a blast re-reading them.

Randy said...

THE very first comic book I ever bought and read!!