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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Atlantis Chronicles #3 - May 1990

Comics Weekend "The Atlantis Chronicles" by Peter David and Esteban Maroto.

This issue of Atlantis Chronicles with a group of Atlanteans having acclimated to life under the sea, as we watch them sneak up on a giant denizen of the deep and attack:
Its apparent a few years have passed, for now the children Cora and Bazil have grown into young adults. Bazil is adventure-happy and a little reckless, risking his life to grab a shark's tooth as a birthday present to Cora.

He reveals to his friends he doesn't love--or even like--Cora, and resents being trapped in an arranged marriage. But for now he's willing to fake it to please his father and the king, Orin.

One of Bazil's friends, a woman named Illya, is the new chronicler of Atlanean history. After Shalako's death, a new ruler for Tritonis, an old man named Stearn, was put in place. Some of Stearn's advisers talk to him, wondering why the citizens of Poseidonis seem to hate them so much.

Suddenly, a voice yells out, "Because they are jealous!". And that voice belongs to:
Dardanus tells his friends to spread the word--quietly--that the son of Shalako isn't dead. The news travels back to Orin, who is skeptical.

The official "coming out" of Cora arrives, and a huge party is thrown. Bazil gets his first glimpse of Cora after many years, and he's stunned at what he sees:
Bazil's earlier unwillingness to be with Cora seems to dissipate nearly instantly. Meanwhile, Orin is shocked to see Dardanus arrive at the party, and is overjoyed. That reaction is not shared by some of the other citizens of Poseidonis, who derisively called Tritons "fish-heads." They even call Dardanus that, despite his lack of mutated legs.

Dardanus is not the same person he was as a young boy, however--after spending some time talking with Orin, he demands to cut in on Bazil and Cora's dance, much to both of their annoyance.

As they dance, Dardanus tells Cora how much he desires her. As she tries to free herself, he only holds her tighter. Bazil steps in, and a fight breaks out. Bazil gets the first punch in, but then Dardanus retaliates by stabbing Bazil in the chest!

Dardanus is dragged away, and later Cora tends to Bazil personally, and they consummate their relationship. Similarly, Orin begins an affair with the very frisky Gulacia, a woman of seemingly unending passion and beauty. Orin is none too pleased to learn that Illya is including all this in the official history of Atlantis.

The night before the wedding, Cora is woken by Dardanus, undeterred by what happened at the party:
Dardanus rapes Cora, and as he preens afterward, Cora grabs her necklace of shark's teeth and slashes Dardanus' face with it. Bleeding and enraged, he leaves.

One of Cora's royal handmaidens discovers a bruise on Cora's face, but Cora lies to cover it up, refusing to tell anyone what happened. The wedding takes place, but its a much more somber affair:
...to be continued!

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Wings1295 said...

Great, but still so dark. What ancestors Aquaman has!