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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cover to Cover: Best of DC Digest #13

This beautiful, celebratory cover by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano graces the front of The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #13, from 1981.

Definitely an unusual image (if I was either Batgirl or Green Arrow I'd be more than a little nervous), it nevertheless tells you all you need to know--this book will feature Superman-centric team-ups, and lots of 'em!

The Superman/Aquaman team-up inside is from World's Finest #203, which the Shrine already covered a while back. But I thought this cover was too good not to show off. The back cover ain't too shabby either:
...I love those profiles!


Aaron said...

Thanks for throwing the back of the book up on there, some of those back illustrations are so cool looking.

Shawn said...

I do like this cover - it looks like such a fun day out - but I always thought that they should be arranged by flying ability / non-flying ablity.
*Although I guess I won't complain with any image where Aquaman, Green Arrow abd Greel Lantern are all holding hands! ;-)

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

I can't figure out why only GA and Batgirl should feel nervous?

rob! said...

Aaron--These digest covers are little mini-masterpieces of design, so I'm keen to post them both where appropriate.

Shawn--It does look like a fun day out, doesn't it?

MTN--Because Batgirl and GA, being non-super powered, will go SPLAT if that ring is broken.

Wings1295 said...

I miss when comics were like this! Great post, Rob!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover. Those digests are incredibly hard to find so it's really nice to see them. I searched for years for some of them for the Aquaman reprints but never did find any. Thankfully, now the Showcase reprint series has taken care of whatever I am missing my collection.

JasonMotesBowles said...

That is one gorgeous cover and I've never seen it before! It's also most of my favorite classic DC characters in the costumes I consider definitive.

Aaron said...

rob!- I like to imagine that behind that serene smile, Aquaman is busily counting down how long it's been since he was last in the water. "Um, guys? I know it's fun flying around in a big, weird group thing and all, but It's already been like 55 minutes since I had that Sno-cone..."

Randy said...

I have had this digest in my collection since it originally came out.

Green Arrow's profile on the back cover has always creeped me out a bit, as it looks like he is staring at Superman's crotch.