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Friday, July 23, 2010

Brave and The Bold Magazine #4 - July 2010


A couple of months ago, I covered the first issue of this UK-only Brave and the Bold magazine, which featured all-new material prepared especially for this series.

Since the magazine is published overseas, I didn't have a cheap way to get my hands on subsequent issues, but F.O.A.M.er George Rears was kind enough to pick up this fourth issue for me while he was in England.

As you can see from the cover, this issue features Batman teaming up with The Atom, and like previous issues it comes with a giveaway attached. In this case, its a set of six magnets, one of them of Aquaman!

The main comic book segment is titled "A Batman's Work Is Never Done", and is by Sholly Fisch, Robert Pope, and Scott McRae:

In this story, Batman teams up with several DC stars, including Metamorpho, The Green Lantern Corps, Etrigan The Demon, and Hawkman:
In addition to the comic, there's a centerspread poster (featuring Batman and Red Tornado), a maze, an installment of "Batman's Secret Files" on The Atom (who also is featured on a game page), a "Batarang Hunt", and a super-cool "Vile Villains Wordsearch":

There's also a subscription ad (sadly, this for the UK only), which shows the covers of the previous two issues that I've missed:
...I missed the Aquaman issue! Aaaargggghh!

Anyway, there's also the "Bat Signals" feature, which shows off readers drawings, like these:
For some reason, 11-year old Callum Rose's story involves Aquaman turning evil, which of course could never happen. Presumably as the story goes on, Aquaman comes to his senses, teams up with Blue Beetle, and together they fight the bad guys.

There's another maze, this time centered on Green Arrow, and an ad for the next issue, which stars Red Tornado. Great Neptune, I love this magazine!


Colin Smith said...

Great Neptune, I agree with you!

And the magnets look good on the front of our fridge too!

Russell said...

wasn't that "A Batman's Work Is Never Done" from a recent issue of the comic? Seems vaguely familiar.