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Friday, July 02, 2010

Aquaman Six Flags Keychain

I love it when I find or someone sends me an Aquaman item I've never seen before. Case in point, this Aquaman Keychain sold at Six Flags Amusement Park!

I have an Aquaman Keychain from the same place in my collection, but this design is new to me--I've never even seen it on eBay before, which I find amazing. Obviously, it hails from the 90s, when this was the look Aquaman was rocking on merchandise of the time.

This is part of the collection of Aqua-Stuff belonging to F.O.A.M.er Brent Almond. Check back in later today to see the rest of Brent's personal Aquaman Shrine!


Wings1295 said...

Same here. I have the other one, but I never saw this one before. Kinda cool!

Russell said...

Just this past week I came across an Aquaman Six Flags mug/cup that I forgot I had. Are you familiar with it, Rob, or should I send a photo to you? It has Artie coming up out of the waves on the lid, with a straw down his back.

Russell said...

Never mind. I just went and saw that you posted something about it in August 2007. My bad.

Anonymous said...

BTW, it's made of rubber, which I always thought was kinda cool.