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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Warner Bros./DC Licensing Ad - 2010

F.O.A.M. member Joe Slab found this cool WB/DC licensing ad on a film site, very cool!

Its great to see Aquaman so prominent, and not surprising Green Lantern is on the same "level" as Superman and Batman, considering his movie is finally underway. Poor Hawkman, once a DC stalwart, can barely been seen at the upper left.

I love seeing stuff like this, material not meant for public consumption. Thanks Joe!


JasonMotesBowles said...

I love that Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is SO prominently featured! I wish DD would pull his head out of his... where ever it"s shoved to just make her freakin' BATGIRL again! Someone else can be Oracle, but there's only ONE true Batgirl!

Joe Slab said...

Can anyone recognize the artist?

Earth 2 Chris said...

I think the art is from different artists, colored in a way to make them look homogenized. The Superman looks like Garcia Lopez, and the Batman looks like Mike Zeck's handiwork. He's been doing a lot of the Batman style guide art for licensing over the last several years.


Wings1295 said...

Very nice!

The Irredeemable Shag said...

It's interesting that they used the iconic versions of Batgirl, Firestorm, Blue Devil, and Martian Manhunter. Especially when you notice that Aquaman is wearing his Brightest Day costume. I wonder why Arthur rated the new look but no one else did.

And poor Wonder Woman is stuck in the second row hidden away. What happened to DC's Trinity? You'd think she'd merit being on the front row considering the amount of merchandise out there with her likeness.

The Irredeemable Shag

rob! said...

I feel like the third slot of the "trinity" is filled by WW by default; but can be swapped out for whoever has a movie out.

Heck, if the advance word was better, I'd bet DC would be pushing Jonah Hex as the the third part of the trinity right now!

Russell said...

I disagree that this is a hodge-podge of artists. They all look like the same guy to me....Chris Sprouse maybe??

Funny how Zatanna, Blue Devil, and Mr. Terrific make the front cut but Robin, the Hawks, the Atom, and all other JSAers except Alan don't. And is that Weather Wizard on the far right?? Yeah, cause he's iconic.

Oscar Olalde said...

@JasonMotesBowles: right now on the Teen Titans magazine they have Wendy (yes, from Marvin, Wendy & Wonderdog) as another computer genius on a wheelchair being mentored by Barbara Gordon... so DC will have a backup for Oracle if they decide to bring back THE batgirl.

As for other people missing currently in the DC verse, pretty much half the main supporting cast of Aquaman! what gives?

Luis said...

How come (insert your favorite character here) isn't front and center next to Batman and Superman??
It's funny how we all have our own ideas as to who should be in the spotlight. I'm sure there's some fan saying "Man-Bat isn't even IN that picture - blasphemy!"

rob! said...

"How can you not have Space Ranger next to Superman and Batman?!?"

The Irredeemable Shag said...

How come Gleek the Space Monkey from Super Friends isn't front and center next to Batman and Superman??

I cry foul!

The Irredeemable Shag

IADW said...

Not complaining but I did think it odd Robin wasn't there. He would be the companies third most recognizable hero?