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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Panel of The Day #3



Bribaby said...

I miss my radiogram.

HollyH said...

What I particularly like about this one is its unintentional echo of the famous, ubiquitous layout of so many Doonesbury strips from the 70s. I'm imagining the president as Nixon. (Actually, I have no idea when this dates from.)

Karcinus said...

I'm loving these random panels, oh but can we please get the source from the panel? plz plz plz!!!

Rick L. Phillips said...

I believe this one is from an issue of the Brave and the Bold.

rob! said...

Bribaby--What the hell IS a "radiogram", anyway?

Holly--Good catch!

Karcinus--As I mentioned in the comments for RPOTD #2, I have a reason why I'm not revealing what books these are from. It will be revealed in due time!

Rick--Despite what I just said above, you're correct!

Ptown Underground said...
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