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Sunday, June 06, 2010

DC Super Friends #27 - July 2010

Comics Weekend "Double Trouble" by Sholly Fisch and J. Bone

This week's issue of DC Super Friends opens on the Super Friends satellite where The Flash is just arriving:
Yes, Green Lantern is happy The Flash is gone--he also has a surprise birthday party planned!

Before the rest of the Super Friends can clue GL in, the emergency alarm goes off, and all the heroes head down to Earth to see what the trouble is:
...now that's a great splash page! (Love Aquaman's power ring-generated seahorse, too).

Anyway, all the Super Friends split up--Batman and Wonder Woman head towards a nearby town to help its citizens evacuate, The Flash digs a trench to direct the lava away from the town, GL corks the volcano, and Aquaman heads underwater to tell his finny friends to get far, far away:
With the problem solved, the Super Friends plan to head back to the satellite. But The Flash and Green Lantern beg off, each of them having "things" to do.

As the rest of the Super Friends leave, we see Flash and GL suddenly find themselves in a glowing prison cell!

On the other side of that cell are duplicates of Flash and Green Lantern, who quickly reveal their true identities: Sinestro and Professor Zoom. Our heroes think busting out of the cell will be easy, but its been constructed in such a way that GL's ring won't work, and The Flash can't vibrate through it. They are trapped!

Sinestro and Prof. Zoom later join the Super Friends, dressed as their pals. They stop some crooks attempting to hijack train filled with gold, and "Green Lantern" suggests that Superman put the gold in the Arctic until the proper owners can be found. The Super Friends go along with this, and that's where the truth comes out:
...that really tips off the Super Friends: Batman is never wrong, something the real Green Lantern would know! (BTW, I love the specialized winter gear artist J.Bone gives the Super Friends above)

Sinestro and Prof. Zoom reveal their true identities, but they are defeated when the real Flash and Green Lantern show up, having figured out a way out of their prison.

With the villains in custody, Flash and GL reveal their respective party plans. The surprise may be spoiled, but the Super Friends throw a party anyway:

...the end!

Another delightful issue of DC Super Friends, that moves along at a breakneck pace but with wonderful little character bits thrown in (again, Aquaman takes a moment to look out for his finny friends, something I never tire of seeing).

This issue's art by J. Bone is simply superb, whose work simultaneously gives the heroes an iconic yet specific look. With the set of rotating artists (J. Bone, Stewart McKenny, and Dario Bruziela), the DC Super Friends book always looks solid.

This issue's letter column features several missives from young Aqua-Fans, in the form of one letter and three(!) sketches:
Charlie from Falls Church, I look forward to you leaving a comment on the Shrine one day!


Wings1295 said...

Very cool! Love the Aqua-centric page, a lot. Him warning his friends and the Green Lantern-made seahorse - just fun!

IADW said...

The kids art is my favourite part of this book - its just great to see how younger hands and eyes see Aquaman!