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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DC 75 WB Store Ad - 2010

F.O.A.M.er John Lijewksi III sent me this spiffy ad found in various in-boxes around the world promoting the WB Store "DC 75" anniversary sale (ooh, here's my chance to buy Catwoman on Blu-Ray!).

Nice to see Aquaman on here, but since they had a decent amount of room I would expect nothing less (the inclusion of Power Girl is a surprise, though). Obviously, since we've seen these poses before, that means there's a whole new round of stock art going around. I wonder if there are any other Aquaman poses?

(By the way, love the Go-Go Checks!)

Thanks John!


Wings1295 said...

Very cool. Also surprised about Power Girl. Usually, if they were gonna throw another woman in the mix, wouldn't it be Supergirl or Batgirl? Or even Hawkwoman?

JasonMotesBowles said...

I say "Cheers" to the inclusion of PG! Sigh! I'd love to see her in an animated feature, based on her current series!

However, it looks like GA is about to shoot The Flash (THRICE even!) and Aquaman is about to spear Batman! It's a tad awkward.

David J. Cutler said...

Well, Aquaman's looking at the audience and his forward hand is guiding the motion, so I think Bats is safe for now.

Am I the only one who loves the style of that Aquaman? I wonder who the artist is. The rest are just okay but that Aquaman gets me every time.

Rick L. Phillips said...

The WB store closed years ago and in my limited travels I haven't seen one in any other area so I thought they all closed.

Diabolu Frank said...

There's a guy on CAF offering to sell that Mike McKone Martian Manhunter turnaround style guide for $150. He's awfully stiff, but I really like how much better he looks than a lot of the other guide art figures currently circulating. Plus, he's actually there! The times sure have changed.

Power Girl? Really? No, really? I guess they really wanted Supergirl or Batgirl, but they was too close to similarly colored heroes?

Rick, I assume the ad is for the virtual store, since AOL closed the physical ones (D'OH!)

Michael Jones said...

There was a WB store in Tokyo as recently as 5 years ago, but it has gone the way of the dodo. I hear that there is still one in Hong Kong though.
6.95$ is still too expensive for Catwoman!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we're getting yellow-oval Bats back?! :-)