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Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Aqua-Cake!

This custom-made Groom's Cake comes from our newest F.O.A.M. member, Jon Garnett, who explains its creation thusly:

Eventually, (she would say way past due!) I asked my lovely girl to be my wife, and in the hustle and bustle of planning our wedding she made it a point to try and involve me and my interests in our celebration. [....]

But how to incorporate my love of comics without being cheesy? And then it hit me! I ran over to my long box emblazoned with the letter "A" on the front, rifled through a bunch of issues until I found it! Aquaman Vol. 1 #18. The cover with Aquaman getting married to Mera in Atlantis! I ran to my wife, no doubt smiling from ear to ear, and kindly asked her if I could have this image as the topping for my Groom's cake and she excitedly said yes!

The next day I made a high res scan of the cover and emailed it to our baker. I then received a troubling email from them saying that if I wanted to use it I had to get written permission from DC saying that I could use the image on the cake! Boy was that the worst news I could possibly imagine. I scoured DC's website and finally found a phone number to their legal department, which I then called.

I spoke to someone on the phone who transferred me to the correct person and I explained my 'unusual' request to him. The gentleman on the phone promptly replied, 'oh that's not unusual at all, we get stuff like this all of the time! In fact one of our own staffers had his wedding ring fashioned to look like a Green Lantern ring!' I was ecstatic! The gentleman emailed me the document, I forwarded it on to the baker, and herein lies the reason for my membership application to F.O.A.M.!"

Application accepted, Jon!


Joe Slab said...

So Cool!!!

And congrats Jon and wife :)

Jon said...

Thanks Joe!

Saranga said...

that's amazing! and good on DC for giving the go ahead for stuff like this :D

Wings1295 said...

So awesome!!!

Orin's dad said...

What a great story! Joe, you're a lucky guy! I can completely relate to having a wife who appreciates a guy's love of comics; specifically certain aquatic seak king superheroes.
Kudos to DC for being way cool about the whole thing and giving permission.