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Sunday, May 02, 2010

More Fun Comics #107 - Jan. 1946

Comics Weekend "Blackie, Come Home!" by Joe Samachson and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

The final issue of More Fun Comics to feature Superboy, Aquaman, and the rest...but Dover and Clover get the top spot. *sigh*

In his last More Fun installment, Aquaman helps find a runaway...seal?:
Aquaman saves Blackie from going over the falls just in time. Unfortunately, some jerk-wad Surface Dweller is trying to go over the falls in a barrel at the exact same time!

When the barrel hits a rock, it cracks open, dumping its passenger into the rushing water. Aquaman puts Blackie in the cracked hull of the barrel, grabs the daredevil, and swims upstream to save him.

Meanwhile, a camera crew filming from the sidelines and sees an amazing sight, even more amazing than the one they had come to witness:
The fisherman doesn't take too kindly to the seal stealing his catch, so he lures it closer, planning to whack it on the head with a club.

Just as he's about to strike, Aquaman sees this, and tips the boat over, almost dumping the man into the water. A giant killer fish jumps on board, terrifying the fisherman. Aquaman promises to get rid of it if the fisherman promises to head home.

He agrees, and Aquaman sees Blackie is gone once again. He resumes the search:
...the end!

This has to be one of the oddest final pages in any Aquaman More Fun story. In just seven panels, Aquaman tosses a fish into the mouth of a guy, which ends up being the moment that turns his career around:
...he also hits another guy in the face with the very seal he's trying to catch, and we get a panel of one seal spanking another. Weird stuff.

This was it for Aquaman (and the other superheroes) in More Fun. As of next issue, More Fun would become a humor-only book, which would last twenty more issues before being canceled, never to return.

Aquaman was moved over to Adventure Comics--the first of many berths for the Sea King in that particular title. Luckily, the same generous Aqua-Fan who provided me scans of all these wonderful More Fun stories has done the same with the Adventure Comics stories of the period.

And while these "More Fun Sundays" are always the least popular (in terms of hits) feature of the Shrine in any given week, I love them, and I plan to move right into Aquaman's Adventure Comics run, going in order just like we did here.

But not just yet! No, for the next month or so I'm going to take a break from the Golden Age Aquaman (I hope he doesn't mind, considering how impulsive and violent he can be) and get to some other, more-recent Aquaman comics that have been sitting on my "To Do" shelf for quite a while.

But those of you who love these Golden Age Aquaman stories like I do--rest assured, he'll be back soon!


Chatterton said...

Hey Rob,
I love golden age Sundays. It's my favorite part of the blog. The stories may be goofy, but they sure are fun. Especially today's runaway seal story. keep up the good work.

Russell said...

I love 'em too, but usually I have nothing more to add in the comments section, which is why I've been silent most weeks. :-)

bribabylk said...

I'm gonna throw my gratitude into the ring, as well. Really enjoy these little sojourns back to the Golden Age, and am looking forward to Aquaman in Adventure.