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Friday, May 28, 2010

Craig Hamilton Aquaman Sketch - 1984

Back in March, I posted Neal Pozner's first concept drawings of the new costume Aquaman would wear in the 1986 mini-series by Pozner and Craig Hamilton.

This piece is Craig's first Aquaman sketch to try land the job. Here's what he said about it on his CAF page: "This is the very first Aquaman drawing I did as an audition for the penciler job back in 1984. I cringe when I look at that poorly drawn foot; luckily the splashing water obscures it a bit."

I think Craig's being a bit hard on himself--I think this piece is fantastic, with its sense of movement and exuberance (something missing from the Sea King's adventures for a long time at that point). It must have really impressed DC, since of course Craig got the job.

DC has still not collected the 1986 Pozner/Hamilton mini in trade form, and its long overdue. At only four issues, its a little short of the usual TPB length, but if you added in the 1988 Aquaman Special that followed it and all this cool Pozner/Hamilton prep material, you'd have one hell of a collection. Get with it, DC!


Michael Jones said...

As a purist, I love the orange & green combo, but if this costume ranks as my #2!

Joe Huber said...

I would love to see Hamilton on another Aquaman project.

rob! said...

MJ--I feel the same. I always want Aquaman to have the classic orange and green, but this costume is great and I wouldn't mind if writers found a way to use it more.

Joe--I agree, I'd love to see Craig do more Aquaman stuff too.

matthew jones said...

Great sketch. I'd love to see the Pozner/Hamilton series collected as well. I also liked the new costume they gave our hero.