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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aquaman Disc Golf

These pics are from F.O.A.M.er Rick Duncan and his custom-made (by his son, pictured) Aquaman disc, done as a present for Rick's birthday, which was yesterday.

This is how Rick describes it: "
Today is my birthday and my youngest son, Jeremy, got me a pretty nifty birthday gift. He is active in several sports including disc golf. He has been wanting us to go out to a disc golf course for a while, but it hasn't worked out.

Well today's the day. And for my birthday he bought an orange disc and had it painted with an Aquaman symbol.

I'm sending you some pictures of my son with the disc, for the Shrine. Wish me luck on the course."

I have no idea what "disc golf" is, but any game is made better by the use of a custom-made Aquaman item! Thanks Rick!


Wings1295 said...

Hah! Awesome! My oldest son occasionally WORKS at a disc-golf place, and I still have no freakin' clue what disc golf is!

Rick Duncan said...

Hi, Rob. Correction. Actually that's my son in the picture, not me.

Disc golf was fun. It's like golf but with 18 steel baskets for targets instead of holes, and frisbee-type discs instead of balls. Each hole has a "tee" and a "green" and a par. My son showed me some of the fine points to game, like throwing techniques, and the different types of discs (for long distance, short putts, banking, etc.) I actually liked it a lot. It's harder than it looks.

(We didn't actually use my gift, which is going in my collection. We used his discs.)

Wings1295 said...

Rick -

Glad you had fun, and happy belated birthday.

And thanks for the disc golf info. Now I can impress my kid with my sudden knowledge. hah!

R Duncan said...

You're welcome, wings. My shoulder's still a little stiff but it was good exercize.

rob! said...

Oops, sorry, Rick. Duly corrected.

JRainey said...

Oh man I want one...

Tegan said...

For my fellow fogeys, disc-golf is just golf with frisbees.

R Duncan said...

Laura, Well that's putting it succinctly.