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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aquaman in "Rough Justice" - 2010

There's a new book out by Alex Ross and Chip Kidd called Rough Justice, featuring all kinds of rare Ross art, much of it never seen before.

Aquaman shows up in it quite a few times, and I made a mental note to get a copy and scan in all the relevant material for the Shrine. Luckily, F.O.A.M.er Juan Lanza did some of the work for me, sending in a scan of the "turnaround art" Ross did for the Aquaman Kingdom Come action figure. Thanks Juan!

There's a lot more cool Aqua-stuff in there, so stay tuned for additional material from Rough Justice. Until then, the Shrine heartily endorses purchasing the book through what we call The AquaMarketplace:


Josh Hill said...

I highly recommend this book to everyone, whether you are just an Aquaman fan or love all DC super-heroes (and most likely, you do, anyways!). Honestly, the best parts of the book are the looks at the series proposals that never came to fruition. His Marvel Family stuff looks like it would have been better than what DC ended up doing with them after INFINITE CRISIS. BATBOY would have been a lot of fun. And I really like the redesign Ross did for Dick Grayson's Batman costume. I really wish they had used it instead of the costume they have him in now.

Wings1295 said...

Quite nice! Thanks for the heads up.

Russell said...

Sounds awesome! I'm gonna have to hunt it down and verify visually that I *need* this book. :-)

Although let me just say, I thought the "King Arthur" look for Kingdom Come was terrible. :-)

mistral1 said...

Great book, I have it myself and quite enjoyed!!!

IADW said...

This book sounds great! Mr Ross has drawn/painted some of the most defining Aquaman images - hopefully there's more of them in it's pages!