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Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Fun Comics #106 - Nov. 1945

Comics Weekend "The Liar Who Told The Truth!" by Joe Samachson(?) and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

Be as helpful as you want Superboy, you and the other heroes are still getting kicked out of More Fun Comics next issue!

Aquaman helps out a teller of tall tales in this week's adventure:
Captain Ligh returns to shore, ready to show off his impressive catch. But when he gets there, he sees his fish is gone!

Ligh is sent back out to catch another fish. Aquaman overhears all this, and realizes the club is playing a trick on Ligh, asking him to do something almost impossible.

Feeling guilty about tossing Ligh's catch overboard, Aquaman decides to help him out, and heads deep, deep into the sea to find something truly impressive:
Aquaman keeps trying to ditch the killer fish, but they are determined to munch on this orange-and-green snack.

Finally, he manages to escape the killer fish with the help of some jellyfish and octopus pals. The octopi shoot some ink towards the attacking fish, giving Aquaman the chance to escape:
...the end!

Aquaman sort of takes the month off from actually stopping any crimes, spending his time as he does helping Captain Ligh get into The Crusty Sea Captain Club. For a guy who likes to crack skulls as much as he does, the Golden Age Aquaman can be quite a boy scout sometimes!

I never quite liked Louis Cazeneuve's art as much as Paul Norris', mainly because, to my eye, he was more inconsistent. Some stories look rushed, while others look great.

I think this is one of the latter--the sequence with Aquaman searching deep down is quite spectacular, this panel in particular, with its moody shadows and half-seen creatures:

And to top it off, the story ends with this little wonderful little moment:
...great Aquaman panel, or Greatest Aquaman Panel?


Richard said...

Aquaman's dark-adapted eyes!

I owe you one, Rob. I never fully appreciated Samachson before, but now he's becoming one of my favorites.

bribabylk said...

I don't know about exploding, but I've read that some marine life living at great depths, under extreme pressure, do kind of distintegrate when brought to the surface. Glad that never happed to Aquaman!

Wings1295 said...

Great stuff. And yeah, cool little panel at the end. With some tweaking, it could make a cool t-shirt or something, as well.