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Thursday, April 29, 2010

If Only He Was Real



Erik the Sleeper said...


As a Fireifghter who specialises in Hazardous Material incidents on both land and water in Australia, if Aquaman were real, he'd be working so much overtime, if he wasn't already dead.

'Accidents' like this happen around the world far more often than what reaches the media. Most of these 'accidents' are human error, laziness and/or corruption. I've seen in with my own eyes and it makes me more contemptuous of 'big business' and the general public than I already am.

But you're right, if only he were real...

Shellhead said...

Think seafood is expensive now? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Dixon said...

The more I hear about the long-term effects of this oil spill, the more upset about all of this I am, and I don't mind telling you that this posting brought a tear to my eye.

If only he were real.

rob! said...

I generally don't bring up real world stuff on the Shrine, except for something HUGE. This is huge, and it seemed to fit our subject so well.

Someday, our ancestors will look back on us and be amazed we were willing to poison our home for so long to get our hands on every last drop of oil.