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Thursday, April 29, 2010

DC Super Friends Saving The Day Activity Book - 2010

When visiting my local Target, it doesn't take long before I inevitably find some small piece of DC Super Friends merchandise I've never seen before.

This is a 52-page coloring and activity book, and even though Aquaman doesn't appear on the cover, generally he gets his fair share of the spotlight on the inside:
There's also a little sheet of tattoos included, and Aquaman is one of those (Parents: be wary if your child chooses The Joker tattoo over the others).

I'm always a little chagrined when Aquaman doesn't make it on the cover/wrapper of a piece of DCSF merch, but I can't complain too much: he presumably lost his space to Hawkman, another criminally under-utilized character. So let's give Katar a chance to shine here, since Aquaman appears in so much more of the other DCSF stuff.


Wings1295 said...

Very cool! Love the Aquaman pages you posted. And a tattoo? Of Aquaman??? Whee-haa!

And you are right. We do get it better than some other hero-fans. Hawkman and others deserve to shine now and then.

Russell said...

There's an ad in the newest BATMAN:B&B comic for a whole slew of Super Friends books, including this one. Since Aquaman isn't in the Grodd storybook, I hope he makes it into the Riddler one...