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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aquaman in Brightest Day

There were two separate emails from F.O.A.M. members in my inbox this morning, both dealing with Aquaman and Brightest Day.

The first is the variant cover to BD#0, seen above, sent to me by Siskoid. My copy had the other cover, so I'm glad I got a chance to see this. Thanks Siskoid!

The other Brightest Day moment is from Green Lantern #53, which features a tiny little cameo by Arthur and Mera and a brief mention following that:
...I like how Aquaman and Mera are hugging in that group shot.

These scans were sent to me by John Lijewski III, who was also responsible for the greeting card I posted earlier today. Thanks John!


Russell said...

"All right, Russell...let's try this again."

Niiiiice!!! My sentiments exactly.

Dene said...

I love Fernando Pasarin's art SO much-! This issue is awesome-!

Doug Hazlewood said...

I find it ironic or a testament to you that I find myself visiting your blog more than I do most other general comics sites.

rob! said...

Thanks Doug, but why ironic? I think all the Aqua-Fans have worked hard and helped me make the Shrine one of the most fun blogs to visit on all teh internets!


Wings1295 said...

You might be done bragging, Rob, be we will continue to praise this site. A daily need for so many of us! Thank you!

David J. Cutler said...

I check several times a day since multiple updates have been happening so often lately.

Joe Slab said...

Have to admit, I miss the scoop neck armor shown in GL!!!

rob! said...

David--Yeah, the Shrine's been inundated with stuff lately, and I want to get to it all in a timely manner. So that means multiple posts, yay!

BronzeTiger said...

Heya Rob!
I seem to recall seeing Arthur Jr. in the midst somewhere...wonder if he will come back too? What are your thoughts on that, having the happy family back together, certainly would get rid of the brooding Aquaman permanently?