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Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Major Award

The Aquaman Shrine has been Certified Geek!

Jon Knutson, from the Random Acts of Geekery blog, has issued The Aquaman Shrine his "Certifiably Geek" award, of which I thank him.

Anyone who receives this award has to then award it to other two deserving blogs, and I have two worthy candidates:
Chunky B's Eclectorama is filled with all sort of geeky goodness, concentrating mostly on toys but also featuring the occasional Basset Hound photo spread.

Chunky's superb photos, clever themes (Mego Spock on Vacation), and generally upbeat tone make it one of my favorite places online to visit.

My other choice is When Is Evil Cool?, run by a mysterious figure of the same name.

WIEC? doesn't have an overriding theme or purpose (at least, as far as I can see), but it has a distinct point of view, a certain tone that reminds me of those xeroxed-and-stapled fanzines of our past, when someone was just so passionate about something they had to express it. Plus, it has the coolest random headers of all teh internets...I mean, just look at that thing!

To learn more about the Certified Geek awards, go here and see who else has been bestowed this great honor.
Thanks for the award Jon, and congratulations Eclectorama and When Is Evil Cool?!


JRainey said...

Congratulations! The Aquaman Shrine is one of my favorite sites to visit. A well deserved award.

Wings1295 said...

Very well deserved! Congrats!

I follow When Is Evil Cool?, also a good choice.

Will check out the other on your recommendation!

chunky B said...

Rob! Coming from such an established and quality blog owner as yourself, this is a great honor I hope I can live up to.

Also, I guess since you are collecting awards I should have pointed out that I awarded you one back in February. : )


rob! said...


Oops, somehow I missed that post! :( Thanks in retrospect!

IADW said...

Well done on the award Rob! Aquaman Shrine is an awesome site so it's great to see it getting recognised!

wiec? said...

many many thanks rob! honored to recieve it. I'll get my post together later this week. thanks again bro.