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Sunday, March 07, 2010

More Fun Comics #99 - Sept. 1944

Comics Weekend "The Smoking Volcano!" by Joe Samachson(?) and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

Man, now that Dover and Clover are in More Fun Comics, the other heroes--including Aquaman--don't even get mentioned on the cover. What a dis! (And, by the way, what does "chuckle-chocked" mean, exactly?)

Okay, anyway, in this issue, Aquaman has two threats to worry about in the adventure known as "The Smoking Volcano!"
Aquaman discovers that the tiny island and the volcano house a secret base from which the bank robbers operate from. While checking out the place, some of the crooks spot him ("Hey! Aquaman's loined da secret!") and try to overtake him.

Aquaman is able to defend himself, even against overwhelming odds, until their boss--Duke Flarer--drops a net made of twisted steel on him, dangling him above the water.

With Aquaman subdued, the gang plans on even more heists:

With the help of the swordfish, Aquaman is now in the water and free of the net. He sneaks up on two of Duke's men, knocking their heads together. He then uses the smoke machine to send an SOS via smoke signals to the coast police.

Some of Duke's gang catches Aquaman, and try to stop him:
...and with that, Aquaman is off on another adventure!

There's something kind of goofily-horrifying to me about the
third and fourth panels directly above, with all the turtles madly snapping at the crooks. Turtles may be low-key creatures, but they can be really mean if they want.

They look really mean here and, from what we've seen, the Golden Age Aquaman is not always gentle when dealing with the bad guys.


David J. Cutler said...

I love the utter impossible nonsense Green Arrow is constantly doing with arrows on these More Fun covers.

IADW said...

The game was given away by a Grapefruit skin?! If only more criminals were litter free they might be more successful!

Thanks again for sharing Rob!