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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Agents of F.O.A.M.

After a couple of weeks thinking about it, I've decided to go ahead with the Agents of F.O.A.M. effort, where various con-attending Aqua-Fans can get sets of Aquaman Shrine stickers from me to give out.

My first attempt featured the tagline "Come Worship @ The Aquaman Shrine" at the bottom, and there were a couple of comments regarding the potential inappropriateness of that phrase to some of our more religious readers.

Not wanting to offend anybody (I mean, this is a blog about about Aquaman, for Neptune's Sake), but also not wanting to get rid of what I thought was a perfectly fine turn of phrase (it is called the Aquaman Shrine, after all, and the subheading is "A Daily Devotional"), I decided to split the difference and feature six different taglines:

"Come Worship @ The Aquaman Shrine"
"Make Finny Friends @ The Aquaman Shrine"
"Salute The Sea King @ The Aquaman Shrine"
"Pay Homage @ The Aquaman Shrine"
"Ride The Waves @ The Aquaman Shrine"
"Jump Into The Deep End @ The Aquaman Shrine"

Each sheet of stickers (seen above) features all six taglines, so any of you who wants to get some of these to give out can do so without any reservations!

Since I'm printing these myself, using pre-made round sticker sheets (harder to find than you'd think), they're not perfect--some are a little off-register and stuff, but overall I think they look cool and I love that I could retain my original circular design!

So if any of you want some stickers, shoot me an email and let me know. If you want to send me some money via Paypal (same email address) to help cover costs, by all means do so--but its not obligatory. I'm more interested in getting these out there, as far and wide as possible. (That said, if everyone who wants to give these babies out chipped in a little, that would enable me to get more and more of these made, not to mention go towards the purchase of printer cartridges. Let your conscience guide you.)

With con season upon us and Classic Aquaman poised to make a triumphant return to the DCU, now's the time, Aqua-Fans!

Update: As usual, I didn't quite think through something I wrote before posting it, and its up to you Aqua-Fans to help me make it better.

To keep things simple, let's say there are two ways you can contribute to the effort if you want to get some stickers to distribute:

Donations: Like I said above, a cash donation is not obligatory. But if you want to, you can Paypal me at this email address the flat amount of $5.00 (otherwise known as...a fin).

Stickers: F.O.A.M.er Derek Richardson had a good idea--instead of a cash donation, you can buy your own set of stickers and send them to me to use.

Problem is, they have to be specific stickers--which I found at a tiny online retailer known as Mister Ink Jet. You can find them on this page, (they're the fifth item from the top, 6 stickers per sheet, 10 sheets for $5.00) and have them sent to me. I'll then print them up and ship 'em off to you!

Finally, to help get people inspired, I'm going to run an unofficial little contest, as well. Those of you go to the effort of giving out the stickers will have a chance to win...something I haven't quite figured out yet.

How? Well, if one of you Agents of F.O.A.M. manage to get a sticker in the hands of someone really cool, take a pic and send it in. I'll post them as I get 'em!


Saranga said...

if i had cons in the uk to go to i would take some - sadly i am not visiting any this yr. :(

of course i could just stick them around the city...

Wings1295 said...

Very cool, Rob! And very cool on the compromise with the different taglines.

Joe Slab said...

Awesome work robby rob!

Orin's dad said...

Those are great Rob! GenCon's not till August, and that's the only Con I'll be attending this year, but would love to hand some out there. Do you want me to send you a fin and get some now and hold them till August, or just hit you up as we get closer to the event? Whatever you prefer is fine with me...

rob! said...

Saranga-Like the idea, but I'm not sure about UK littering laws... :)

Joe and Joe--Thanks!

Orin's Dad--However you like. If you want to wait until later, that's fine. That'll give me more time to get them made.