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Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Fun Comics #96 - March 1944

Comics Weekend "Champion in War!" by Joe Samachson(?) and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

Aquaman continues with the war effort, but in a slightly more personal way this time:
Lun Ming takes another midnight swim to deliver vital information to the Allied powers. Aquaman sees someone in the water and investigates.

Aquaman recognizes Lun Ming, who quickly tells Aquaman his mission. Aquaman, claiming to be busy on a mission of his own (stopping Blackjack again, no doubt), wishes Lun Ming well, and they head off in separate directions.

But this time, the waters are so rough its difficult going, even for Lun Ming:
The Japanese High Command is confused--vital secrets have still gotten through, but Lun Ming has been home overnight. They decide to trail Lun Ming day and night, and when they see him going for another midnight swim, they shoot at him!

Lun Ming stops, and plays dumb. The Japanese soldiers, nevertheless, thrown him in jail. The Japanese commander tries to figure out how Lun Ming is getting the information out:
Aquaman determines he can't break through the makeshift dam himself, so he tricks the Japanese soldiers into shooting at him. When that doesn't work, they drop a depth charge, the exact thing Aquaman wanted!

The dam ruptured, Aquaman makes his way into the island prison and finds Lun Ming:
...woo that is one text-heavy last page!

I like how buddy-buddy Aquaman is with Lun Ming in this story--must be the fact he's such a great swimmer. Its nice to have something in common when you meet someone for the first time!

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Tegan said...

My first Golden Age story. I got a very poor photocopy of the story from an older comic book fan. This story makes me happy.