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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aquaman Valentine's Day Statue

Okay, everybody, all at once: Awwwww!

This adorable Aquaman figure--bearing a heart for Valentine's Day--was custom-made by F.O.A.M. member W.T. Raschendorfer's girlfriend Gina Entwistle. Here's what W.T. had to say:

My wonderful and creative girlfriend surprised me with a homemade custom polymer Aquaman as an early Valentine's Day gift. Check out the little heart in his hand....awwww, she love me! Her name is Gina Entwistle...does this officially qualify her as a F.O.A.M er? If not...she's still the best damn girlfriend and Aquaman fan like me can have!"

I agree with W.T., any girlfriend who would make something like this for her man is pure gold, and deserves to be a member of F.O.A.M. Welcome Gina, and nice job!


Saranga said...

oh that is lovely!

IADW said...

That is very cool. Homemade gifts just say so much more I reckon, and the result is pretty awesome to boot!

Could easily see fans emailing for a similar style figure of their favorite hero if she isn't careful! :D

Wings1295 said...

Great Valentine's post!

David said...

Wow, he looks like "Davey" doesn't he? Pretty spiffy.