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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Extry! Extry!

No sooner did I leave the house than my in-box started to be, er, flooded with messages from you AquaFans about this bombshell, revealed today over at the DC Comics official blog The Source.

I'm still not yet back at Aquaman Shrine Central, so I'm posting (for the first time in Shrine history!) a message from another location--this bit of news was too exciting to let pass for the next couple of hours.

Rest assured, I'll have another post on this later on tonight...


GaiaGold said...





wich1 said...

Cool, Rob - congrats!

A little dispirited by the Comment below, though, were someone mentions that they're happy that DC won't be going happy, like Marvel...

Just what IS some folks' love of wallowing in dark and dirt?!?


Adama said...

Wooooooo! I have more reason to pick up Brightest Day now.

IADW said...

When this page loaded at the Source I couldn't believe it. Easily best 'comic' news of the year so far... if it is a full return!

Scott Bryan said...

I knew it!
Batman of course is trapped in time so he's not really dead but we lost many icons and several well loved 2nd and 3rd tier characters.

Martian Manhunter
Elongated Man & Sue
Blue Beetle

Just to name a few. This will bring them back.
Earth 2 Superman

Shellhead said...

Finally. I've been waiting for this since Arthur turned into Octoman during 52. Of course, now I have to pick up Brightest Day or at least several issues of it. Sigh.

Wings1295 said...

This is (hopefully) what I have been hoping this whole horrible Zombie-saga would lead up to!

I hope it is our Aquaman, back the way he belongs, healthy, well and fun once again!