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Friday, January 29, 2010

Lunch With Aquaman

Yesterday, I had lunch with F.O.A.M.ers Steve Spatucci and George Rears at Wegman's, and I happened to get there first.

When Steve saw me, he looked shocked, since he's usually the first one there. He then mentioned the "note" he left for me taped to the entrance (which you can see above) as a way to let me know he had already arrived, I guess.

Part of me wanted to leave it there, and then wonder how many other Wegman's customers would recognize who it was supposed to be...


Russell said...

I'm jealous; I want to attend a Lunch Meeting of the FOAM, too!!

Hey, how about we try to put together a FOAM "reunion" (ala that MASH episode, haha) this year?! How about we try to meet at some convention this year?
Let's start with the leader: Which ones are you definitely going to this year, Rob?

Grears said...

I think WizardWorld Philly would work well. I think we should get an Aquaman Shrine/Hey Kids table in Artist Alley and get Rob to do Aqua-sketches! The rest of us can just sit there and tell stories. If nothing else it would get us four entry passes and a place to meet and put our stuff!

rob! said...

Time and money keep me from attending any cons other than Philly and NYC, at least for now.

I am so NOT doing Aqua-Sketches. I don't need to embarrass myself like that. And getting a table would drive me insane, since I wouldn't be able to leave when I got sick of being at the con!

But a FOAM meet-up should definitely happen, at some comic con.

Russell said...

WE as a group could set up a table, though, Rob! Just to sit around and talk about Aquaman with other fans and maybe some pros. That would be awesome! Hahaha!!!

Philly and NYC, eh? Let's all do some research....