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Friday, January 29, 2010

Inferior Five #6 - Feb. 1968

Aquaman--and almost the entire DCU--makes a cameo on the cover to Inferior Five #6, by Mike Sekowsky and Mike Esposito.

Unfortunately, Aquaman does not appear in the story itself, so I think this is probably the only time Arthur and the I5 ever met up (unless they met in some Crisis on Infinite Earths panel...you never know).

I love the white background...with all the figures crammed into it (a Sekowsky specialty) it makes for a really striking cover!


Wings1295 said...

Never saw this one before, cool!

Randy said...

I have a few scattered issues of I5 and really enjoy them but have never seen this issue before.

Might be worth checking out at C2E2 in April!

Nick said...

Mr Kelly
I was told you may be able to help me.
I was in Inferior 5 #6 The Making of a Bomb.
I went to the High School of Art & Design where U met and made friends with Frank Brunner and Larry Hama (they graduated in '67 and I graduated in '68) . They took me to the Tuesday and Thursday Open House andI was hooked!
I made friends with Jack Miller and E. Nelson Bridwell.
I did many small things for DC. And have the honor of being the designer of Duo Damsel's costume! And the co writer of the story it first appeared:
The War Between the Nights and the Days (Superboy #193). I even named the AQUAMAN letter column: Ebb and Flow!
Well INFERIOR 5 #6 almost didn't make the stands, until Julis Schwartz told Nelson to call me. They were out 3 pages of ddialogue and action! I asked Nelson if they did anything in this parody on the fans Tuesday and Thursday open house?
And that was just what they needed. So I became a part of the issue and a part of the joke: "I think Nick Pascale still has you beat!"
Well I'd love to get my handson that issue!
Until then can you scan the page and email it to me?
I had it from a web site but the site is no longer there, so when I went to open it - it didn't open! Because the link was gone!
God Bless
Love & Peace,