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Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Manta "Public Enemies" Trading Card - 2009

sgLast year, in a way to help promote the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD, the movie's Facebook page released free "trading cards" starring various characters from the movie. Sadly, Aquaman did not show up in the movie, but Black Manta did!

One of the interesting things I find about Black Manta is that, over the years, he's appeared in numerous places, and yet--except for a brief moment in the early 2000s--his appearance has remained pretty consistent.

I think everyone realizes Manta's look is so perfect that there's really very little need to mess with it. The Black Manta you see here looks pretty much like the one you saw during the Challenge of the Super Friends episodes, over thirty years ago!

1 comment:

IADW said...

I think Black Manta has one of the best evil set of duds going. Basic black, with those large red glowing eyes...

Now we just need to see more of him!