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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brave and The Bold: "Revenge of the Reach!"

I should have gotten to this earlier, since the next episode of Brave and the Bold is only a few days away, but better late than never!

Last week's episode, "Revenge of the Reach!" featured a wonderful opening with Bats and the Challengers of the Unknown, and the main episode featured the Blue Beetle and various members of the Green Lantern Corps.

But there was one really unique moment, where Blue Beetle calls his pal Paco, who is a little busy playing the new Blue Beetle video game:
Beetle is confident the game is "awesome", but Paco responds, "Eh, it's not half as cool as the Aquaman game."

Beetle can't believe what he's hearing and tries to argue, so Paco responds with: "Aquaman is the King of the Sea, the Champion of Atlantis...outrageous!",
complete with Paco flexing his muscle, Aquaman-style.

...I absolutely loved this little throwaway gag, a funny, human moment in the middle of a big space battle. Plus, it's got a character going on about how cool Aquaman is, something I never tire of.

It was a great episode overall, but that moment was my favorite. Even cooler, it was written by comics legend, former Aquaman writer, and Friend of Shrine J.M. DeMatteis!



pblfsda said...

Saw it, and since the Challengers part wasn't the usual pre-credits short, but the first chapter of what might be a pre-credits serial, do you suppose that video game was foreshadowing? Let's say, for instance, the next few pre-credit chapters had early SHOWCASE characters like the Challs. Say, Flash and Green Lantern. The main stories could have, I dunno, J'onn or Diana. Add Starro. Who's missing?

Orin's dad said...

I loved the pre-credits piece, and am looking forward to more of that. Also enjoyed the Aquaman game discussion. This series is so cool, and the totally gratuitous Aquaman references only serve to make it better. Cannot wait for this week's Aquamnan adventure!

pblfsda said...

Sorry! I spoke too soon, but I might have been on the right track: a quick cross-reference of IMDB and Cartoon Network shows that the Jan. 8th episode should be "AQUAMAN'S OUTRAGEOUS ADVENTURE!". Then, the week before SMALLVILLE does its JLA episode, Black Canary is in the Jan. 15th B:B&B, "GOLDEN AGE OF JUSTICE!". Post-Crisis, they were both in the first JLA story with Starro.
But it goes further. The wisecrack I made about early SHOWCASE characters? The next episodes are Robin in "SIDEKICKS ASSEMBLE" and then "CLASH OF THE METAL MEN".