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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 - March 2010

Comics Weekend "Blackest Night: Wonder Woman" by Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott, Eduardo Pansica, Jonathan Glapion, and Eber Ferreira.

I normally don't go in for big crossover events, but of course I'm making an exception for Blackest Night. So of course that means I have to make a further exception, in that I'm buying some of the tie-in issues, another formerly verboten practice.

But how could I turn down a Wonder Woman vs. Mera donnybrook, especially when Aquaman's missus has been such a stand-out in Blackest Night? The answer is, of course, I couldn't, so here we go:
Picking up where a story thread in Blackest Night #6 left off--Zombie Wonder Woman and Mera about to duke it out--this issue opens with them finally coming to blows, amid all the other battles raging.

Mera offers that the woman she is facing is not really Diana--and besides, "No queen takes orders from a princess!"

Zombie Wonder Woman at first tries a little psychological warfare, reminding Mera that everything she cared for--her husband, her son, her home--is dead, so she plans to make Mera "Queen of the Dead!":
Mera slows Diana down with a hard water blast, refusing to give in. She hurls her opponent through a wooden dock, sending Zombie Wonder Woman crashing below.

Having a moment of opportunity, Mera gets tough:
We get to hear Wonder Woman's internal monologue, as she tries to stop herself--her body, at least--from doing these awful things, but it doesn't seem to work.

Diana pulls Mera's trident out of her back, and then uses it to pin Mera to a pillar. As Diana reaches for her heart, Mera shows one last moment of contempt for her foe:
...I know how you feel, Mera!

Unfortunately, for us Aquaman and/or Mera fans, this is it in the issue for her. After this moment, Zombie Wonder Woman takes off, torn between good and evil.

She runs into Wonder Girl, but Zombie Donna Troy/Troia (whatever the hell she's called nowadays) shows up and does the heart-ripping thing. Yuck.

Zombie Wonder Woman then turns on Zombie Donna, ending with Donna having an axe buried in her head. A couple more people from Diana's family show up, all to no avail, until she is slowed down by...Batman? Bruce Wayne Batman? Isn't he dead, too?

Yes, sort of--turns out all of this is a creation of Aphrodite herself, who arrives to hand Diana a violet ring, turning her into one of the Star Sapphires! To be continued!

Eh, a little disappointed here--I was hoping for a lot more Mera, maybe some further insights into the character (in between punches, of course), but it really is just the first couple of pages. I guess I shouldn't be too upset, the name of this mini is Blackest Night: Wonder Woman, not Blackest Night: Mera.

But before we go--is it me, or does the er, top-heavy Mera look a bit like Beyonce on Greg Horn's cover?


Andy Luckett said...

Well, Arthur liked it so he went and put a ring on it, oh, oh, oh.

(That's a little Mera/Beyonce humor there, folks, I'll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitress.)

Anyway, it's nice to see Greg Horn's take on Mera, and he doesn't disappoint. I like her semi-new logo too. Here's to Aquaman's dynamite lady tearin' it up in 2010!

IADW said...

LOL nice one Andy!

Hopefully when dawn breaks these two will able to spend some time together in one book or another, there's deffinitly lots of room there I reckon to explore!

Saranga said...

a-ha! I've been trying to work out who Mera is based on on the cover! And yes, there's def some Beyonce in there.

Josh Hill said...

I really enjoyed the issue, but I do sympathize a little with the disappointment over the lack of Mera's screentime. I think what disappoints me more is that I wish DC had made AQUAMAN one of it's "resurrected" titles this month.

Personally, I think Mera looks more like Denise Richards on that cover!

Rev. O.J. Flow said...

Mera is SO HOT.

Wings1295 said...

The hate I have for Blackest Night and what it has done to Aquaman and Aqualad (and others) is lessened a TON by the light it has shone on Mera. She has been in the shadows too long. If BN can lead to Aquaman and her being the superhero couple we want them to be, then it will have all be for the good.

rob! said...

I'm pretty much on board with you there, Joe.

Rick Duncan said...

Just wondering if I'm the only one who ever noticed that in her first appearance (Nick Cardy art), Mera was a dead ringer for Lucille Ball.