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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Aqua Poll Results #3

The results of our third Aqua Poll are in, and here's what 165 of you had to say about where you'd like to see Mera after Blackest Night:
The vast majority wanted to see Mera come back with her husband, which makes complete sense: despite all their problems over the decades(!), they are a team, and work better together than apart, like Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Personally, I voted to see Mera get her own back-up strip. Mainly because I'd like to see the momentum she has built up in Blackest Night continue, and until DC knows what its doing with Aquaman (hollow laugh), I think it'd be great to give some new Mera fans a place to find her immediately following BN.

If DC can build Mera up to a more popular character, then in the end that can only help Aquaman. Just like the way Hawkgirl, thanks to DC's efforts (and her role in the Justice League cartoon), is now a co-equal character to Hawkman, it'd be great for Aquaman--as a book--to benefit from the presence of the newly-invigorated Mera, Queen of Atlantis!

Thanks to everyone who voted!


David J. Cutler said...

I voted for back with Aquaman, but I more meant the two characters come back and be in the same book than get married again. I prefer my superheroes single, Cyclops and Superman aside, and I think there's a lot of cool ground to explore with Mera as the ex you're trying to stay friends with but can't quite shake all the old feelings for.

Wings1295 said...


Thanks for having the poll, Rob!

Randy said...

I'm pretty sure I wrote for her having a back-up feature too, Rob. Especially with what Geoff Johns said about having plans for her post-Blackest Night.

I'm thinking Wonder Woman would be the most logical place for her back-up. Unless a new title is going to surface later this year...

I would much prefer to see a new Aquaman book that focuses on the both of them, Aquaman and Mera.