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Sunday, December 06, 2009

More Fun Comics #86 - Dec. 1942

Comics Weekend "Race Around The World" by Mort Weisinger and Louis Cazeneuve.

More fun with More Fun!

So now its time for Johnny Quick to get a cover--still no Aquaman. Sheesh. I can only assume the only way DC knew which features were selling the book was from the letters they got, so maybe Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, and Johnny Quick got most of the mail? I guess we'll probably never know.

Anyway, this story is bound to be a lot of fun because Aquaman's (then)#1 foe, Blackjack, returns!
As Aquaman walks down the street in Hollywood, he proves to be quite popular. One woman asks him for his autograph, another asks him for tips on how to be a better swimmer.

Then, he reaches his destination: the offices of Pariversal Pictures, where its President has a special offer for Aquaman. They want to swim around the world, being filmed the whole time by the studio. They'll turn the footage into a sure-fire hit movie, with all the profits going to the Navy Relief Fund!

Aquaman agrees (be careful of Hollywood contracts, Aquaman!), and a week later the race begins!

Unfortunately, that scurvy rat, Blackjack (looking kind of the worse for wear), hears about this and is determined to get involved:
Blackjack's word gets out to all his criminal compatriots, all over the world, who plan to stop Aquaman when he reaches their neck of the woods.

On the Pacific Coast, Aquaman senses the water is covered in oil. No, it's not Exxon, it's one of Blackjack's tricks!

A nearby ship sets the oil on fire, sparking a ring of flames around Aquaman. To escape the fire, Aquaman simply dives deep under the surface. Unfortunately for the crooks that started it, the fire gets so out of control it hits their ship, setting it on fire as well!

After swimming through the Panama Canal, he makes his way to the South Atlantic, having his path lit at night by the phosphorescence of tiny bacteria.

The next day, another one of Blackjack's henchmen is waiting for Aquaman, and they take a more direct approach: firing artillery at him!
Getting away, Aquaman makes around the coast of Africa, where a Japanese gunboat decides to go after him--but by more subtle means. Suddenly, Aquaman feels very sleepy, and notices that the fish around him are dozing off, too (what does a sleeping fish look like, exactly?).

Turns out the Japanese commander had the water drugged, and it makes Aquaman so woozy they easily scoop him out of the water and bring him aboard. But the fresh air starts to revive him, enabling Aquaman to start busting some Axis heads:

Turns out this race is a lot more difficult than Aquaman ever imagined--but its not all trouble! People around the world, having heard of Aquaman's race, are cheering him on:
But near Australia Aquaman finds himself chased by Japanese fighter planes, and they litter the ocean with bombs!

Luckily, an American fighter plane--"one of General MacArthur's aces"--shows up and takes care of them, even though the odds are six to one!

Not only that, but the plane helps drag Aquaman out of the mud, dropping him in more clear waters where he can resume his race.

Blackjack is furious that none of this has worked, so he tries another tack: attacking the camera men waiting on an island outside of Los Angeles and taking their place. With a gang of armed henchmen waiting in the hills, he implores Aquaman to get nice and close:
...Aquaman, the toast of Hollywood!

Not to question Aquaman's superheroing skills here, but I am little dismayed he let Blackjack get away just so he could finish the race, deadline or no.

I guess he could've gone back and rounded up that scurvy dog and his criminal gang between panels six and seven, but I doubt it. I guess all the better to have Blackjack come back and menace him another day!

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Russell said...

I like that Aquaman shows up at the party in a tuxedo. Where the heck would he have gotten THAT?!

Sad that Arthur never did get a MORE FUN cover...