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Friday, November 27, 2009

Brave and The Bold: "Death Race to Oblivion!"

I just got around to watching last week's new episode of Brave and The Bold, and since Aquaman doesn't appear in it, I would normally not do a post about it here.

But it does feature Black Manta fairly substantially, so here's a quick rundown of what happened!

After a boffo introductory segment featuring Batman and Captain Marvel squaring off against Blockbuster, we find Bats as well as Green Arrow, The Huntress, Guy Gardner, Plastic Man (and Woozy Winks!) transported to some rocky planet by that Darkseid wannabe, Mongul!

But that's not all: he also has transported several super-villains, including Black Manta!
He tells all assembled that he has gathered them for a race, competing against each other plus one of his minions. Promising to destroy the home city of each losing contestant, Mongul has pitted everyone against each other!

Everyone goes to work on their own souped-up vehicle, and of all them its Black Manta's that stands out the most:
...note to Mattel: get on this!

Actually, all the vehicles are fun and unique: Green Arrow's Arrowcar, Woozy Winks drives a car made up of Plastic Man, etc. I particularly love The Gentleman Ghost's Groovy Ghoulies-inspired hearse/roadster.

One by one, everyone tries to take the lead, only to crash and then be teleported to Mongul's satellite of love to watch the end of the race. We get a couple shots of Black Manta (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) inside his giant ship:
Manta tries to knock Batman out of the race, which doesn't work, and then he gets double-crossed by The Joker and is sent packing.

Eventually, of course, its Batman who wins the race, since nobody is as committed to saving their hometown as Bats is to Gotham.

But also of course Batman has a plan--conspiring in secret with Green Arrow and Huntress to turn the tables on Mongul, leading to Batman using his Batmobile to do a sort of Transformers bit and punch Mongul's lights out, and destroying his satellite in the process.

Guy Gardner rescued everyone off of it before it blew, even the villains. The episode ends with The Joker offering to take his fellow baddies out for pizza:
...I wouldn't do it!

Like pretty much every episode of Brave and the Bold, this is a lot fun with some neat twists and turns and some good gags. And I dig that Manta ship big time!


JRainey said...

How was Manta able to keep up in the race?

Randy said...

He didn't. He wasn't in it for too long.

Josh Hill said...

so glad the new season has begun! but there wasn't a new episode this week and there won't be one next week, either. really sucks.

JRainey said...

When the race started, everyone took off, and Manta was dead last. Later on he is neck and neck with everyone. How did he catch up and how did he keep up? He wasn't out of the race until the Joker tripped him up.

RVH said...

Wow, that Manta-mobile looks like a Martian tri-pod, right out of H.G. Wells.