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Monday, October 26, 2009

Brave and The Bold: "Mayhem of the Music Meister!"

After too long an absence, we had a new episode of Brave and the Bold on Friday, and once again it featured Aquaman!

This episode was the long-awaited musical episode, but it starts off like any other--in this case, villains! Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, and The Clock King are in the middle of a caper:
...when they are stopped by a trio of heroes: Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary!
Suddenly, and unexpectedly (to say the least) Black Manta starts breaking into song! At first, everyone else--heroes and villains alike--are a bit taken back, but when they all start singing and dancing, we learn that they are all under the control of a new villain, The Music Meister (Neal Patrick Harris)!
Using his amazing powers (which, we see via flashback, he's had since childhood), he forces everyone to do a full on music number, literally singing the praises of himself:
Batman, watching this from afar, remarks to himself, "Now there's something you don't see everyday."

Batman gets involved, and MM uses his control over the heroes and villains to get them to try and take out the Dark Knight Detective:
But eventually Batman is able to break MM's control over his pals, and he hands them all specially-made earplugs which will keep them safe from the Music Meister's control. While MM slips away, the heroes return to the task at hand: stopping Manta, Grodd, and King!:
We learn that the Music Meister has a two-pronged plan: to take over the world (of course), but he's also fallen for Black Canary (who wouldn't?) and wants to try and woo her...but she only has eyes for Batman!

The Meister's plan includes the denizens of Arkham Asylum (where we get glimpses of Bat-villains that have not been in the series yet), and the heroes try and keep things under control:
But eventually the Music Meister gets control of Aquaman and Green Arrow again, and at one point they grab Black Canary. Green Arrow is about to clock her one(!), but she ducks out of the way and Arrow's fist lands in Aquaman's face, something he doesn't take too kindly to:
Canary subdues Aquaman (yeah, right) and then Arrow, leaving Batman to try and stop the Music Meister.

In the meantime, using a rigged satellite, the entire world falls under the Music Meister's sway, even the citizens of Atlantis!:

Eventually, Batman and Black Canary defeat the Music Meister. Aquaman, Green Arrow, and the rest of the world are freed from his control. Black Canary tries to ask Batman out for a date, but he's uninterested.

Black Canary, all alone, breaks out into song, revealing a deep romantic longing. Her thoughts are interrupted by Green Arrow, who reveals his feelings for her. She, never knowing this, seems to respond:
...the end!

A totally delightful episode, full of great songs (a brilliant stroke, casting NPH as the Music Meister) and it even manages to develop the Brave and the Bold universe a bit, by getting Green Arrow and Black Canary together.

For my money, Brave and the Bold has shaped into a really great series, with a distinct point of view, both in its writing and its look. Its enormous fun, and I look forward to each episode...especially when Aquaman's involved!


Russell said...

I usually don't remember to watch this show on Fridays, but this week I actually managed it, and was very happy that I did. Not only did we get Aquaman and Black Manta singing and dancing, we got Black Canary and Green Arrow together! It reminded me of a Justice League adventure. Totally awesome.

And I caught a glimpse of King Tut in Arkham, as played by Victor Buono on the old BATMAN TV series. I swear I did!!

Aaron said...

Watching Aquaman punch Gorilla Grodd in the junk was well worth all the singing. ;)

Russell- They've used King Tut before, but always in cameo.

Unknown said...

In various prison scenes we've seen King Tut, Egghead, Shame and Louie the Lilac among others. They just can't say anything or name them cuz apparently Fox owns the copyrights. Still, it's great fun.

This episode ties as my favorite with the Bat-Mite one. Can't wait to get the soundtrack!

Adama said...

I think my favorite bit in the episode is when Aquaman ends up slow dancing with Gorilla Grodd. Hilarious!

Doug H said...

Even my wife enjoyed the episode...and that's saying something!!

ari said...

I just found this episode online while searching for other things actually! I came here to check if you'd reviewed it and you had! hurray! Eppisodes with Aquaman in them are always funnier ^_^